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PS4: Top 5 Most Exciting Features of PS4

PS4: Top 5 Most Exciting Features of PS4

Getting ready for the newest version of video game consoles? You better be as Sony is about to rock the market with the new PS4.


Every gamer will feel the existence of Sony PlayStation4 this coming November. Over a million PS4 pre-orders have been garnered worldwide. This only shows that a lot of gamers are tingling to welcome the box which contains the pre-ordered PS4. We have hear many rumors about the new gaming console and everyone is trying to obtain the latest information that they can get. Little by little, they were able to satisfy their gaming senses with the gossips. But now that PS4 has been officially announced and demos have been executed, it’s time to weigh every features and run a countdown. Here are the top 5 most exciting PS4 features.


5) DualShock®4


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One of the hottest topics among gamers since they have heard about PS4 is the DualShock4 controller. At first, there are many visual speculations as to how it would look. When Sony had released the first images of the DualShock4, millions of eyebrows and gaped mouths were spotted. Being completely different from previous versions of DualShock, DualShock4 is definitely equipped with awesome features. It boasts the new clickable touchpad, new light bar, integrated speaker, headphone jack and the new share button. This truly promises that PS4 will bring us fantastic gameplay treats.


4) PlayStation®Plus


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Online stuff is indeed a necessity for gamers and other techies who want the ultimate experience in everything. The PlayStation®Plus for PlayStation4 provides a lot of extra entertainment to keep you gaming hands busy.


3) Stand-by Mode


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For part-time gamers or people who need to go on and off their gaming console frequently, then this will surely bring solid convenience. Like Sony PSP, the PlayStation4 has been designed to let you turn the console in standby mode and go back where you exactly paused from the game.


2) Multitasking


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Sony PS3 lets you do somethings while the game is paused. With PS4, all extra RAM will be used enough to allow users to multitask even more. PS Vita has provided enough clues on how PS4 should work. Now that it is official, expect a top class gaming experience while being able to jump into other applications.


1) Remote Play


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This works as a support to your PS Vita gaming console. This particular feature lets the user to make use of Vita as a second screen. So when is exactly the right time to use this? With remote play, you can free up the TV for someone else’s use without the need to stop your game and wait. The remote play feature will allow the PS Vita to run PS4 games where you can continue to play the game. With all this, what we can just say is that, it only gets better and better.


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