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Android Apps: 5 Most (Ridiculously) Expensive Ones

Android Apps: 5 Most (Ridiculously) Expensive Ones

The reason behind the immense popularity of Android phones over the ever competitor iOS ones was simple, the vast Android app marketplace with a maximum number of free yet fine applications. While everyone loves Android apps for their cost-saving nature, here we have a list of 5 most ridiculously expensive android apps, which actually do nothing worthy of what they cost!


# 5 Most Expensive App


Most Expensive Android App


When you are privileged with God-knows-how-much money, what is the best thing you do? You waste it on an Android app that just costs $188.70, for nothing!

#4 The Most Expensive App of All

The Most Expensive App of all

What makes someone rich? Their showing off of the money they’ve got! This Android app, at least, does the same thing, only for $197.18! It is the testament that you have got some bling to show off! Pat your back, the downloader of this Android app! You are rich! Ca-ching!

# 3 Got Cash?

Got Cash Android App

The question the developer is asking seems legit. If you’ve got cash, you can just drop this Android app that costs only $200.00 in your cart; because you are sitting on top of all those money that you ran out spending options of!
Skeleton-like children in Africa, you better learn how to make do-nothing Android apps, soon! The clock is ticking!

# 2 The Most Expensive Play App

The Most Expensive Play Android App

We have had diamonds, now it is the time for golds. This is another app for the rich souls only, which attests your phone of your wealth, by putting two shiny gold dices in your screen. Wicked, ha? Yes, it just sits there and does nothing else, but who cares? If you have got money, you need your gold dices, right? Available only at $200.oo!

# 1 Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus Android App

Are you a soccer enthusiast? Did you watch the 2010 World Cup in South Africa? What did you hate most about it? For us, it was the loud, screechy and the most disturbing sound of all, the vuvuzelas! The traditional pipe-whistles were allowed in the field as a local cheering tool, but it ended up driving everyone, from players to spectators to home-viewers nuts! Now, to commemorate that epic annoyance you had, you can buy that same sound on your Android devices, only for $ 200.00! We can tolerate an app that costs a fortune and does nothing, but we can’t just stand the idea of buying something like this, at all!

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